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Posted 13 September 2003 - 09:34 PM

OK! sara reviews the movie CABIN FEVA! starring rider strong.. the boy we love from boy meets world. not that stupid corey bitch... mwa ha ha. kidding!

anyway, that movie is just plain gross. sure, a little scary parts, but just plain fucking gross! so pukey! yeah.. so it's just basically about five kids renting a cabin and there's this sexy skin disease that is causing deadly bleeding and death. schweeet. there was some unneeded sexual parts, as usual. sara loves the fingering part oh so much. sara sat next to paul while paul chanted, "ooh yeah, she's going to get raped!" sick ass horny bastard. anyway, the movie got really funny and random at parts. this is going to be a spoiler so don't read if you want to see this movie. there's this boy on a swing that randomly bites two people. the second time was hilarious. he just started screaming, "pancakes!" and does all this weird kung fu shit before biting his next victim.

sara's scale of 1 to 10.
probably an 8. for the random moments, act of scared idiots, and of course, kung-fu boy!
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