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The WiiU and Videogames: East vs West

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Posted 12 January 2014 - 08:09 PM

Boshi posted this on the Facebook earlier: http://www.eurogamer...he-inside-story

and i started typing out a longer response in the Gamecube thread. Maybe we can... discuss! And i didn't even read whatever else you were talking about referring to Japanese developers not paying enough attention to the competition, Boshi. Was it on the twitter? Can you post about it here?


i don't really know how to separate this topic, because they both seem to tie into each other at least tangentially. Erm, this is kind of long and rambling, but my precious Sunday night time is dwindling.


The article mentioned makes me think that Nintendo acted similarly with the WiiU as they did to the run-up of the Gamecube, only with under-clocked PCs for development instead of "THE MOST POWERFUL AVAILABLE". Nintendo seems to have a negative and really arrogant attitude about 3rd parties and competitors that has been held since Yamauchi started getting cranky. It persisted through the N64, through the Gamecube, through the Wii, and here we are with the WiiU being sad and with the 3DS being successful but not nearly as successful as Gameboy, GBA, or DS, it seems to have finally truly caught up with them.


I got a 360 shortly after Wii's release, but i was always unhappy with the thing, to the point of actually despising it later on. Wii took a big slide in quality content about midway through that finally picked up at the tail end. PS3 was a late-laaaate purchase for me (heck i didn't even buy the thing), but it's just now that it's finally getting content i like. I will not get an XBone, given that the developers and audience really don't care about Japanese games, but i might get a PS4 one day. For the most part, though, consoles are a back-up to portables.


don't like western games, FOR THE MOST PART. There are a few small and indie developers i love, and i know that's a different story than the rest of the west. AAA games that involve blowing shit up do not appeal to me, BUT a game like Last of Us looks really interesting (and i'll even play it soon probably!) I think there's something to be said both positive and negative about Japan not paying attention to western developers as competitors. Cacpcom and Square Enix both turned into the diapers of the industry by following the west, but Sega's kind of stabilizing. There needs to be compromise and discussion. As Kyle Bosman (the kawaiiest video games man on internet, sorry Boshi) said, Nintendo is a big stupid elephant and they generally do what they want. However, NOW they're having to move because they're in danger of being outpaced. 


There's also the issue of games costing money to produce, and with each coming generation, more and more massive amounts. [ur]=http://www.siliconer...Oc (Siliconera)]Capcom's senior Technology Something Something Manger[/url] Masaru Ijuin says that a current (new or whatever, it's not NEXT anymore) gen game takes 8 times as much work as the previous. While there is an engine being developed (and we're tip-toeing into subjects that i don't have much knowledge about), making stuff takes time and money. Since the 16-bit, even 32-bit generation we've already lost a lot of great companies, and we lost more last gen. The gaming public wants more and greater, but is it really so bad to scale back? Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said that midsize companies "face challenges", and Sony is shutting them down. The big games of the PS2 era (again, the ones i like), are the mid-sized games of the current era. Can a weaker system, like the current portables or the WiiU ever satisfy the gaming public? Will we see Japan come back to the status they were in every generation before the last one, or will it just be Marvelous and NISA chugging along releasing a few interesting titles between their (admittedly occasionally alluring and fun) pervert titles?


There's more i want to say, but this is getting long and hopefully someone will reply to it!


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